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What is the Art of Memory?

Ancient Techniques

2,500 years ago, a Greek poet named Simonides invented the memory palace to remember and recall vast amounts of information. New techniques were developed over the centuries and they were widely used throughout the ancient, medieval and renaissance periods.

Together, they are known as the Art of Memory.

These powerful techniques allow people with average memories to do amazing feats, like memorizing the order of a shuffled deck of cards in less than 20 seconds and recalling tens of thousands of digits of pi.

And the best part is that anyone can learn them!

Photo of the Parthenon in Athens

Modern Technology

Art of Memory software teaches you the same techniques used by the world's best memorizers and shows you how to apply them to everyday learning.


Interactive tutorials teach you the same techniques used by memory champions.


Create, build, and customize memory palaces that store information you want to learn.


Training feedback and statistics help you improve quickly.


Play against your friends in fun memory games.


Compete against the world's top memory athletes on Memory League.

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Next-Generation Brain Training

Exercise Your Brain

Using memory techniques is a fun way to exercise your brain and learn at the same. Traditional brain training websites offer simple video games endorsed by neuroscientists where the only benefit you can see is a higher score.

Get Real Results

Our memory software, games, and challenges lead to quantifiable learning and concrete results you can see for yourself -- no complex algorithm or feedback from neuroscientists is required to explain how your ability to memorize is improving!

Tutorials on how to improve your memory


Our software walks you through all of the memory techniques and makes the learning process easy.

  • Interactive tutorials teach you step-by-step
  • Pre-built memory journeys kickstart learning
  • Create, edit, and review your own memory journeys
  • Spaced repetition for practice and review
  • Training tools for competition events
  • Online memory competitions
  • Fun games that exercise your brain


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Production Timeline

March 9, 2016

Kickstarter Launched

Kickstarter campaign launched on March 9, 2016.
April 8, 2016

Kickstarter Funded!

$23,530 pledged by 356 backers. 118% of funding goal raised.
November 2016

Memory League Released

The Memory League app was released in November 2016.
August 2017

Memory Systems Module Beta Release

The Memory Systems module was moved into beta in August 2017.
October 2017

Tutorials Module Beta Release

The first set of tutorials were released into beta in October 2017.
October 2017

Memory Systems Module Full Release

Access to the Memory Systems module was give to all software subscribers.
December 2017

Tutorials Module Full Release

The Tutorials module was fully released.
December 2017

Journeys and Memo Sets Modules Beta Release

The Journeys and Memo Sets modules were moved into beta.
February 2018

Open Beta Release

Beta release for all software subscribers.

Our Team

Simon Orton

Simon Orton

Programming, product design. 4-time Australian memory champion, developer of the Extreme Memory Tournament software.
Nelson Dellis

Nelson Dellis

Video production, editing, ambassador. 4-time USA memory champion, Grandmaster of Memory, creator of the Extreme Memory Tournament, mountaineer, children's book author, founder of the Climb For Memory charity that raises awareness about Alzheimer's disease and funds for its research.
Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen

Programming, product design, content, community building. Creator of the Mnemotechnics Forum and Memory Techniques Wiki. Over 12 years of experience launching and managing websites.
Issa Cohen

Issa Cohen

Operations, project management, content development. 20 years teaching, 8 years running and managing businesses, language learner.
Terry Chen

Terry Chen

Technical Advisor
12+ years building software products and teams for startups and Fortune 500 companies. Currently helps run Pivotal Labs in San Francisco, a leader in Agile and Lean methodologies.
Milan Ondrašovič

Milan Ondrašovič

2014 UK Open Memory Champion and student of computer science. Memorizes a shuffled deck of cards in under 30 seconds.

Who We Are

Our team has expertise in both memory techniques and building memory-related software. We have nine national memory titles combined. Our Art of Memory forum is the largest online community for memory techniques with over 12,000 members. We also created the software for the Extreme Memory Tournament (XMT), a digital memory competition in which the world's best memorizers compete for $75,000 in prize money.

Here are some other places you may have seen members of our team:

Press mentions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are planning on offering a month-to-month subscription for $15/month and a 1-year subscription for $75-85.
Yes. We are offering a discount to people who pre-order the software. We are planning on offering 1-year subscriptions to the software for $75-85. You can pre-order a 1-Year 2-Year Subscription for $60.
The first version of the software was released in December 2017. It is fully functional, but we are keeping it in beta as we make some improvements and add more content. Preorders include access to the beta software.
Yes, the first version of the software will be a web application that you can use in your browser. iOS and Andriod apps will follow.
Access to the beta software is included with a preorder purchase. The clock on your subscription won’t start until the software is moved out of beta, so access to everything until then, including Memory League, is a bonus.
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