Guess Pi Digits

How many digits of pi do you know? In this memory game, you not only have to know the digits of pi, but you have to know their locations!

For example, when asked "what is the 15th digit of pi?" you will answer: "9"

How it is calculated: if pi is 3.14159…, the first digit is a 3, the second is a 1, the third is a 4, and so on.

The levels go up to 1,000 digits, and more will be added soon. You will score one point per correct digit along with an accuracy percentage, i.e., if you attempt 400 digits, you can earn up to "400 points" at "100% accuracy". In order to discourage random guessing or sloppy form, your accuracy has to be at least 70% for your score to be valid.

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